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Here you experience our world of toys in a completely different way. With a mix of seriousness and fun, you get cool filmed stories WITH the toys instead of ABOUT the toys. You get as close to our collections as you can. Fun for the whole family. A concept that will develop gradually in the future. See our themes below. More themes are on the way. Much pleasure!

Our themes

Hans Beck

Hans Beck (1929-2009) created the Playmobil construction method and figures in 1971 and the company was founded in 1974 in Germany. Originally, mainly historical themes were produced. Over time, there have also been a lot of imaginative themes. In recent years, Playmobil also manufactures licensed themes from films and TV series.

Toy World presents Playmobil - The World History

Experience a historical time journey as well as a time journey through the fantastic world of Playmobil. All filmed in exciting structured environments. Follow the history of the world from ancient dinosaurs, cavemen, ancient pyramids, raw-barked Vikings, brave knights, rampaging pirates and the Wild West right up to the present day with trains rolling through urban environments and countryside, harbour and airport, fast-paced theme park, cable car sweeping across snow-filled winter landscape and a lot of other things.


Toy World Sweden presents

Playmobil - The World History, Pt.1

From the Era of the Dinosaurs to the Age of Pirates.


Toy World Sweden presents

Playmobil - The World History, Pt.4

The Present Time (continuation).


Toy World Sweden presents

Playmobil - The World History, Pt.2

From the Napoleonic epoch to World War II.


Toy World Sweden presents

Behind Playmobil - The World History

The making of the films.


Toy World Sweden presents

Playmobil - The World History, Pt.3

The Present Time.

George Lucas
Star Wars

The American George Lucas (born 1944) created a sensation when Star Wars premiered in 1977. With the 6th film (2005), actually episode 3 of the Star Wars saga, the circle was closed between the older trilogy from 1977-1983 and the later from 1999-2005. In 2012, the Walt Disney Company bought all rights to Lucasfilm, including Star Wars. The trilogy from 2015-2019 ended the entire Star Wars saga. Or maybe not?

Toy World presents The Star Wars Saga

Experience a time journey through both Star Wars and Kenner's/Hasbro's fabulous world. All filmed in powerful structured scenes. Follow the cinematics chronologically from episodes 1 to 9, including the Podrace, the Battle of Geonosis Arena, the Duel on Mustafar, the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star, the ice planet Hoth, Jabba's Palace, the Battle of Endor, Jakku, Snoke's Throne Room and the desert planet Pasaana. May the toys be with you!


Toy World Sweden presents

The Star Wars Saga, Pt.1

SW Episodes 1-4.


Toy World Sweden presents

The Star Wars Saga, Pt.2

SW Episodes 5-9.

Toy World Sweden presents

Behind The Star Wars Saga

The making of the films.

Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek

The American Gene Roddenberry (1921-91) created his science fiction universe about a utopian future world in the 23rd century through the original TV series Star Trek in 1966. It has been followed by several different TV series and feature films, novels, computer games etc. Today, the brand has cult status and is a billion-dollar industry with fairs, products and loyal followers, so-called trekkers.

Toy World presents The Star Trek Universe

Experience a time journey through both the Star Trek and Playmates universes. Follow the Star Trek television series and feature films, produced in the period 1966-2009, both the original series and the sequels. Filmed with a large dose of humour. A journey where no toy has been before!


Toy World Sweden presents

The Star Trek Universe


Toy World Sweden presents

Behind The Star Trek Universe

Ian Fleming
James Bond

English author Ian Fleming (1908-64) created James Bond, agent 007 with the right to kill, in 1953 and he appears in a total of 14 books. As early as 1954, Bond was portrayed for the first time in an American TV theatre, but it wasn't until 1962, when he appeared on film, that he became the greatest agent of all time. The character has been used in the longest and highest-grossing film franchise in film history.

Toy World presents The James Bonds

Experience all the Bonds from the 1962-2023 film series: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Filmed with a twinkle in the eye with portrait-like collectible dolls, mainly by Sideshow. With a license to play!


Toy World Sweden presents

The James Bonds


Toy World Sweden presents

Behind The James Bonds

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