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Toy World Perstorp - Visit us

Now we are giving everyone interested the chance to visit our exclusive toy collections in Perstorp (southern Sweden). Our goal is to provide the absolute best experience, ideas, inspiration, joy and positivity. If you look at each toy for a second, it will take several hours! Therefore, take your time, so you don't miss out on any fine details. Welcome to us!

Our collections

It is we who are we

One of us will always receive you. We look forward to meeting you!

Do you want to come up with something else while you're still in Perstorp?

* Plastens Hus - the only plastic museum in the Nordics:

* Perstorps Bowling Hall:

* Perstorps Golf Club - 18 holes:

* Perstorps Minigolf - outdoor miniature golf:

* Ugglebadet - indoor and outdoor baths:

* Bälingesjön - bathing place and camping:

* In the center there are also a number of places to eat: pizzerias, Asian, café/patisseries and lunch places.

* See more at Perstorp municipality:

Find us

Toy World, Parkvägen 43, 284 33 Perstorp.

12 minutes walk from Perstorp train station.

Free parking just outside Toy World at the intersection of Parkvägen and Färgarevägen.

Prior to the visit

* Booking and payment can only be made here below via our website.

* You will find all available times on our booking page. If you have other requests, it's fine to email us, but we make no promises.

* No rebooking, cancellation or refund.

* Unfortunately, the show is not suitable for kids under 3 years of age. Older kids, on the other hand, greatly enjoy the visit.

* An infant under the age of 1 is allowed free if carried or in a harness. Unfortunately, a pram does not work indoors.

* Expect 60-90 minutes in total. You have 1 hour among the collections, and then additional time for the Scary Attic and the Shop.

* Subject to the number of visitors, it is possible to stay longer if you wish.

* The Scary Attic is voluntary. It's a fun thing, but if you don't want to go, there's no problem.

* If you don't want to shop, that's also perfectly fine.

* You must be able to walk on stairs.

* You go around on your own but we are available all the time.

* Show your booking/payment on your mobile or printed out to us when you arrive.

* Welcome to our world - an experience that takes you away from everyday life to the magical realm of toys!

Book and pay here

Open 24/6-14/8 daily 11am-5pm.

Adult 100 SEK / Kids 3-12 years old 50 SEK.

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